Agung Persada

Bandung, Indonesia


and Welcome!

It is

a beautiful

Juni day

in Bandung Indonesia

born in South Kalimantan (Borneo)

but I grew up in Bandung

and i appreciate it

I am happy to see my family and friends happy

and I would be happier if they want to share that happiness with me

I love the band maroon 5

almost all of his songs I like and songs I like the most is

she will be loved, want to see the lyrics?

it is:

"Beauty queen of only eighteen

She had some trouble with herself

He was always there to help her

She always belonged to someone else

I drove for miles and miles

And wound up at your door

I've had you so many times but somehow

I want more

I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved

And she will be loved"

although I really like the band

I also like the other musicians as well.

one day I too would like to work in a large company

why is that?

because I want to be happy both my parents

it was my goal and priority


according to the books I read,

I am among those who are 'Sanguine' .

ok thanks for reading my biography, wish you like it.

xoxo ;)

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