Agung Apsari

Bali, Indonesia

Hello! I'm Apsari

My full name is I Gusti Ayu Agung Apshari Puspaningrum. I'm a balinesse. I was born on 3rd of May 2000.

I have 2 siblings. one sister and one brother. My sister already work while my brother still in High School. My parents, they are the most important of my life! I have 2 uncles that i really love! Blitut and Ayan!

I study at SMPN1 Denpasar now. In Acceleration Class. In the 8th generation. A8G!!

I love Kpop. I'm a SMTOWN stans ^^ but i love EXO the most! they are the first group that i love from the beginning. from the rumor they will be formed. I hope i can meet them directly? Astungkara ^^

My Friends, and my Bestfriends. I love all of them but i only can trust some of them.
Bestfriends ; insult each other but never get mad! the one that can go crazy! Ema, Ayu Krisnu, Tara, Ochi! They are the best. Since we're in different Junior high school, we must separate. Widya, Super7 lovers! even though we have different interest but we can get along, haha! she has good hair! hahaha. 6A! my friends when i'm still in elementary school, i miss them :( A8G, my class. Even though we have many problems right now but We're all in this together, right?

English is not my national language and i'm still learning :p

Please understand and don't criticize too much? i mean don't be too hard '-')v

haha, thank you ^^

  • Education
    • SMPN 1 Denpasar