Agus Firmansyah

Cyborg Cyber Forensics and Information Security (CCFIS) is founded on the core belief that "Professional Services are provided by Experienced Professionals - not by Expensive Tools". We are a team of Security Professionals from across the globe involved into creating awareness in the field of Cyber Security across the globe and to reduce the increasing Cyber-Crimes.

The CCFIS team is working as a research team to help build a proactive and resilient Cyber Defense System and provide solutions to Government & Private Agencies in a guided manner while keeping a watch on malicious attempts for hacking of websites and IT infrastructure belonging to the Central/State Government, Private organization’s and PSUs.

The CCFIS team had been constantly trying to solve the social problem by creating awareness in the field of Cyber/ Digital Information Security to protect kids, students, youths, individuals, and organizations etc. from the unseen criminals of the wired and wireless world. The goal is to make India a Cyber-Secure country in respect of cyber security.

CCFIS is a pure-play Research InfoSec organization specializing in delivering high quality services through expert with a core focus on Professional Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Application Security, Cyber Crime Investigation and Computer Forensics Investigation and Malware analysis.