agustina badaracco

Student in Quilmes, Argentina

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Hi! I’m Agustina and I'm 19 years old. I’m a student living in Quilmes but I study English at La Plata university so I travel there everyday.

At home, I live with my mom even though I have three siblings, but they live alone. I also have a dog.

I spend a lot of time at university, basically because I have a lot of free time between each class and I can't go home and back because it's a one hour and a half trip. But I use that free time to study or to spend time with my friends.

I like reading and writing, though I haven't done much of either lately and I love cooking but I'm not great at it.

I think that using the Internet to study is really helpful, especially on projects like this one, where we have to work with people who are so far away from us.