agus makkie

Jakarta - Indonesia

He starts his experience in advertising and art since 1992. Then he reaches another level in 2003 by changing his destination to film production, he become a Film Director for TV commercial and other medias such as, music video, documentary, short film, etc. His show reels now shows that his dedication, spirit, passion and ability of creating TV spots for local and international brands. Influenced by the overflowing energy and creativity of his soulful and artful thinking, and gaining greater and greater mastery over the golden eye available to him. Agus Makkie always does thinking in a conceptual manner. Not just pretty pictures. He got balls to explore new media of art and communication. Getting the best teamwork and numerous outsourcing of creative specialties in Film, Art, Design, Music and New Media Art Enthusiast. I am creating DIY spirit of production wherever we are and make use social media to find good networking & similar spirit. Wisdom Traveler is about moving on and stepping outside the comfort of locality, past glory and traditions in order to capture the hidden beauty of something foreign and the passions behind them. It is a cultural movement in finding something new to learn and in sharing something good to others by trying to understand various local wisdom within the colorful tapestry that weaved Indonesia together. It is all about celebrating and sharing these stories to learn how they can be relevant in our everyday life and eventually, as world citizen to take these stories beyond local border and bring them globally. Working with other cultures to find the inter-connection and mold them into One Wisdom that can build a shared feeling of respect to build a better future. In this spirit of sharing local wisdom globally Wisdom Traveler is collaborating with other global movements. Currently I am doing a documentary project "WALK THE TALK". Series of micro urban documentaries shot and directed by myself capturing Reykjavik daily neighborhood scenes. An insight about Icelandic culture, way of life, the city and the people. There will be more to come locally and globally.

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