A 15 years old in her way to find the meaning and purpose of her existance. Successfully passing through that awkward moment between birth and death. Passionate about dancing, singing, music, art and having my feet on the ground but my mind, i don´t know where, but higher.

Close mindedness is something I really hate. I´m sick of people being so intolerant, racist and square-headed. Sorry for the inconvenience, I´m just trying to change the world.

I´ve never gone to university but I swear I´m a psychologist very deep inside!

Experience freedom. Prioritize happiness. Express yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Be original (be you). Unlock your creativity. Be genuine. Follow your dreams. Break the rules. Look further, think deeper, feel more. Open your mind. Live your adventure. Find meaning. Get excited and make things. Have fun. Enjoy. Take this life, make it yours. Do more of what makes you happy and be with those that make you smile. MAKE THIS LIFE WORTHWHILE!

Could you realize that I love writing so much??? Okey i love talking, too.