Dr. Agustín Díaz

College Station, TX

I am a Puerto Rican Chemist, salsa dancer, and tennis aficionado player. My research revolves around the surface modification of zirconium phosphate nanoplatelets (ZrP) for different applications. ZrP have been proven to be useful in many areas such as drug delivery, emulsion stabilizers, fire retardants, Janus particles, catalysis, catalytic supports, among others. The surface modification of this material will have profound effects on all these applications, where tailored-made nanoplatelets can be used to tune the mechanical, optical, catalytic, electronic, and biological applicability of the produced material. I have put a lot of effort in the study of the intercalation chemistry of ZrP and their use as drug delivers. The main achievements of this project were the nanoencapsulation of insulin into ZrP for oral delivery applications and the direct intercalation of anticancer drugs into ZrP nanoplatelets for potential cancer nanotherapy*. I was part of the Ford Foundation Fellowship, PR-LSAMP BDP program, AGEP, NASA space grant consortium, and NIH-RISE program during my studies. In addition, I have mentored over 40 undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented groups, about the University life, and persuaded them to experience biomedical research as part of the Pre-Marc Program. Moreover, I designed and presented chemistry workshops to over 400 high public school students and 33 high school teachers, enrolled in the NSF/PR-LSAMP as part of the weekend and summer academia program. At Texas A&M University, I became a member of the local SACNAS chapter and its tutoring services. As part of this program I give free tutoring to underrepresented students that need help in their science classes. If you are interested in my publication record just follow this link.

  • Work
    • Texas A&M University
  • Education
    • Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry