agustini nyoman

My name is Ni Nyoman Agustini, now i am working at YAKKUM Bali, YAKKUM Bali is about providing opportunity to People with Disability by improving mobility and learning usefull skill. Its about giving people dignity by earning living, by raising the family and by sharing fully in the community. Database administator is my position at YAKKUM Bali. Besides that, my position is Administrator of Wheelchair Program. YAKKUM Bali cooperation with UCP Yogyakarta provide wheelchair to people with disability. We provide The UCP Kids is a fully adjustable wheelchair designed to meet the unique needs of a large demographic of children and to expand as they grow. It is made in 3 sizes, with adjustable components to accommodate a child for 3-5 years of average growth. The RoughRider® (RR) is specially designed to be low cost and useable both at home and outdoors in the rough urban and rural conditions of the developing world. For more Information about the wheelchair, can send email to or to me (