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Agustin Villalba

Software engineer with many years of experience in the development of applications based on web with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML (4 and 5), for different organizations such as FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) or EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory). As well, I have much experience using different frameworks like CodeIgniter for PHP, jQuery for Javascript and 960grid for CSS.
Years of experience administrating web servers based on LAMP gave me a solid base in the Linux world.

Contributions to the community:

* I have developed some plug-ins for different web applications, such as ImprovedCode, a plugin for the TinyMCE Editor, under LGPL license. You can check it out here:

* Bug reported to the RoundCube's development team. There was an error using the PHP function strpos(). It was fixed and released in the RoundCube 0.9.2 version. (

* Bug reported to the RoundCube's development team. There was an error when inserting resources to the database, so when the resource exceeded the size set in MySQL variable max_allowed_packet, MySQL throws an error. It was fixed and released in the version 0.9.4. (

PHP Mentoring:

I help, teach and advice others PHP developers in order to help them to improve their skills and, that, also allows me to grow up and develop myself as developer as well. Teaching is a really good way to learn and keep improving.

  • Work
    • European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Education
    • Bachelor Computer Science