Dina Clingman-Bell

Lake Worth. Florida

Dina J. Clingman-Bell has been VP of InterNatural Marketing for ten years, where she has been instrumental in starting their Organic Certification Support System, to assist farmers with the requirements of the National Organic Program. Her daily responsibilities include research, development and package design for marketable produce.

Over the years, her experience with representation of farmers and their product has afforded her an inside look of how the intricacies of a farm work. This experience has provided Dina with the knowledge that has allowed her to become an integral part in the development of Urban Growers Community Farm where she will assist in bringing urban agriculture to the people of the City of West Palm Beach.

In October of 2009, Dina served on the Urban Agriculture subcommittee of the City Green Taskforce for the City of West Palm Beach, where she was influential, through research and advisement, in the revision of zoning ordinances that will permit urban agriculture in neighborhoods throughout the city. Dina is also a coauthor of the City of West Palm Beach Green Taskforce Recommendations to the Mayor

Dina also worked with Dee Dee Digby of Destiny Organics, based in Atlanta, GA., as an independent consultant, where her duties included product research and development for the Florida region. For the last five years, she has been proudly serving as a member of the core stakeholder’s planning committee for the Small Farms/Alternative Enterprises Conference, University of Florida/ IFAS Extension. In addition, Dina assists with the fundraising, organic/sustainable and networking social committees for this conference. Currently Dina serves as an active member, on the board of the State of Florida Food Policy Council. Through tenacity and a great belief in what is possible when individuals pull together; Dina will assist in creating a progressive and cohesive plan for the future of Florida foods.