Amy Harless

South East South Dakota

i am a gentle person with a whole lot of compassion and not a little of life experiences. i have also been a person who 'wore her heart on her sleeve' if you've ever heard the expression. so i have also had a lot of hurts in life that finally lead me down the path of severe depression. i have been coming out of it now for many years, i truth that i would like to share now that have helped me very much. i am not done, partly because i am still on planet earth and not independantly wealthy, and partly because it just takes a long time to change a whole life. But this has been an awesome journey, one i would not change for all the money in the world. and i endeavor to give out what ever i can of what i have received, that has been helpful to me.

  • Work
    • Home maker, intern Staff counselor
  • Education
    • some college, life of learning, New Haven Ministries