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"Bismillahir rahmanir raheem"
"Assalamu alaikum"
If following historical facts are true then
Collecting & destroying (BONFIRE) Ahadiths is SUNNAH!!
1) The Messenger (SAW)ordered his companions not to ask him to dictate anything else besides the Quran.---was narrated from Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Do not write anything from me; whoever has written anything from me other than the Qur'an, let him erase it." (Narrated by Muslim, al-Zuhd wa'l-Raqaa'iq, 5326)

2) Whatever Hadith collection was present among the companions, it was ordered to be ignited.

3) Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA) made a bonfire of his own collection and banned others from quoting any hadith. (Tudween E Hadith Page 249)

4) Hazrat Omar(RA) after giving his best thought for one month, reached the conclusion to ban the compilation and collection of ahadith. Hazrat Omar also asked to submit all ahadith in possession of the public who were under oath and then ignited them all. He also sent a circular in all cities to destroy any evidence of hadith.
(Tadween e Hadith,Vol.1, page 400)
5) - Hazrat Ali gathered all the noble companions and said, "Disperse all of you and erase all Ahadith. Previous nations were destroyed for forsaking Allah's Revealed Books and following the collections of their scholars." (Mukhtasar Jaame' Bayan-il-'Ilm pg 33)
6) - "I have seen Ahadith in the Six Right Ones that completely cancel out the Qur'an."
(Nizaam-ul-Qur'an by Sheikh Hamiduddin Farahi)

IIf the above mentioned events are true then should we follow the above mentioned Sunnah to ignite all ahadith collections that we have today with us ?
While the Sahaba Kiram had been burning collections of Ahadith, how did our Muhadditheen encounter millions of Ahadith? Bukhari found 600,000 plus. The chain of
narration contains 5-6 persons. How could he investigate 3.5 million narrators 99.999% of whom were dead and buried? And Yahya bin Moin had 1.4 million Ahadith! By this, anyone can gauge the extent of chaos, forgery and fraud

"Do not follow that of which you knoweth not; remember, your sense of sight, hearing and cognitive capabilities will be questioned". Noble Quran 17:36


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