Abdul Hafeez


As an event manager, have you grown frustrated with the lack of available tools to help make your job easier and be more effective? With current technological advances why do we, professionals in the event management industry, still have to rely on outdated tools for our work?

After a decade of experience in the industry working on large scale trade and government delegations as well as projects surrounding the Olympics, I grew tired of having to rely on inadequate tools to take care of crucial tasks at critical times. I therefore started to search for anything available on the market, which could help me, as an event manager, make my life easier.

Having analyzed, tested and discussed available products with industry peers, it became obvious that what was currently available was either too limited, for example only focusing on once aspect of an event such as registration, or was outdated because they were offline based solutions. Nothing in the market provided a solution to the problems I faced on a daily basis whilst preparing and executing events. This inspired me to develop Mission Guru, the first truly integrated and mobile event management solution that can help you to organize every aspect of an event, anywhere and in real time.

Join a growing number of event managers who are benefiting by saving time, money and reducing stress, and experience firsthand how Mission Guru can make your life easier.

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