A native of the Nilgiris, inheriting the genes of the Badaga community i'm a girl who aspires in making my own spec of life.

I always believe in "Showing the right attitude at the right place". Of course studied in the best schools in my town i was moulded to take up challenges as they come and so it is "walking the walk".!!!

Having representing my school in the National Level Science Exhibition was the first success in my career to choose the right field. Then was recognized as a good orator, writer, comperer , organizer and a leader.

Always fond of electronics and kept pondering about how to save energy!and so have been all my projects. I joined at Sona College for my Grads and ofcourse it was a right place for me to "Explore and Experience"!

With dreams of becoming a true engineer, i stepped into the right club activities, swept myself with passion and hardwork round the clock. Attended several technical, semi-technical, non-technical and Entreprenuerial workshops and all was just to learn something. Here i would like to qoute my favourite lines-

"Learners inherit the future. While the learned only equip themselves to live in a world that never exists".

It was not only the books with flip-flops and motors that helped me get through, but also the hang-outs with my friends, the mentoring of my staff and friends helped me through the tough walls.

Participated in the "young innovator contest " consecutively for two years at the state level, the three international conferences i attended , the A grade certificates of my NCC exams, the trekking and training classes i handled , the freelancer work i did for voice -recording, earning the first salary, its all been with sweat and hard-work through nights rolled on.

Finally,here i land up in working with a MNC which always aims at "high performance delivered". Again,a new venture where i'm entering without even the knowledge of ABC's of programming.

As recognised as the best student in school and college, its just not the same in this platform. But just a Challenge Open, and Here I Come..!!

Wishing all my peers too good luck.!!