Aurélie Hampel

Project Manager, advocacy, and Filmmaker in Paris, France

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Based in Paris, I'm looking forward to settle down in Berlin <3

•• Curious

My interests range from photography to technology. I'm surfing on a flow called serendipity, •the art of cultivating happy coincidences•. Addicted to Couchsurfing, Meetup and car pooling, I often meet amazing people sharing their stories and lifestyle.

••• Lifelong learner

Now following a teaching programm on digital marketing and storytelling. After ? Facilitation and collective intelligence. What's in common ? Leading communities !

••• Nomad & multilingual (Babbel-freak)

I'm used to work from anywhere. I'm meeting amazing people all around Europe.

••• Communities, cooperation, social networks

I'm really passionate about growing communities and collective intelligence. Everyone has knowledge inside. Everyone has potential. But not everyone owns enough inner security to overcome difficulties and be open to opportunities. This is my job to make you feel secure as an individual or a group to help you find where you belong, what vision do you want to push forward.

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