Aline Hankey

Harvard Graduate Student in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Aline Hankey, Ed.M, is an education researcher working with the EDvance program at SF State. She completed her master’s at Harvard in 2016, with a concentration in international education policy, and holds program management experience in education development in West Africa, Brazil, and South Korea. Prior to joining the EDvance team, Ms. Hankey worked as a program assistant at Harvard’s Project Zero, the education research institute founded by Howard Gardner, and later went on to join the research team of Dr. Catherine Snow, investigating the fade-out effect in early childhood interventions in the United States. She received her bachelor's degree from UCLA, serving as primary research assistant to the head of the UCLA Globalization Center, and has experience in social entrepreneurship, launching a tourism program out of a favela of Rio de Janeiro in 2011. Her primary research interests explore the link between education and global economic development and the means of increasing both quality and access to education for marginalized groups worldwide. Recently published, Ms. Hankey co-wrote the chapter Can Parental Choice Improve Education For All? in the book Hard Questions on Global Educational Change: Policies, Practices, and the Future of Education.