Alyce-Kay Hanush

san francisco, california

Alyce-Kay Hanush is a certified Results Life Coach with broad life experience. She has been unofficially practicing life coaching since she was 12, and has always been eager to assist people in determining and meeting their goals, from organizing their home, to quitting smoking, to having a more vibrant relationship with God. She is passionate about teaching her clients and others to live life intentionally, considering with every encounter and movement the legacy they want to leave future generations. She firmly believes that each person has been given a unique set of skills, experiences, successes, failures, and resources to create their distinctive fingerprint for the world. “If you don’t fulfill your purpose and leave your fingerprint, the world is going to miss out You’re the only person in all of time who can offer what you have,” she insists. “My job as a life coach is to help you discover what your fingerprint looks like, then guide you to put the structures in place to get from where you are to where you want to be … and I can walk alongside you, to help you carry it out. This can include an overall plan, or the little steps along the way, such as replacing some bad habits with good ones or getting your mind, home, and life organized so you can think and work without clutter.”

Today, Alyce-Kay offers a wide range of services from individual and group coaching, to retreats, seminars, and keynote speeches. Her coaching specialties are

Spiritual Growth

Legacy Development



Home Education

Productivity Improvement

Creativity and Skills Development

Self-Image Issues

Replacing bad habits with good

Baby Boomer Issues

Alyce-Kay says, “My greatest passion in life is to see people unleashed to be who God calls them to be. That’s what’s behind my teaching, my writing, my coaching, and many of my casual conversations. It’s why my heart drags me to broken people. Those of us who have been wounded and broken are the ones God mends and heals. He whispers His greatest dreams into our hearts. It’s the brokenness that makes us more pliable, once the brittleness is gone. And it’s the emptiness that enables us to be filled.”

Alyce-Kay has a bachelor of arts in Religious Studies (emphasis in Theology and Greek) from Westmont College. She has raised 5 children and boasts 7 grandchi

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