Alma Delia Haro

Having worked in Direct Sales gave me the possibility to learn practice relevant aspects of the consumer goods companies. Got the expertisse and experience in Strategic Planning, Business Development and Commercial areas design and implementation of core business functions. I worked at an international level which gave me the opportunity to manage multicultural and multitasks teams. What I enjoyed the most was the interaction and the service given to Distributors. Working with them made me learnt the real foundations of this kind of Companies.

Comments of co-workers I had the great chance to know along my professional career:

"Worked with Alma in Jafra Mexico and Jafra Worldwide. Always showed a solid expertise on managing Compensation & Promotional Plans, Incentives and Commercial Processes. Her Analytical skills, understanding of the MLM Direct Selling Industry trends, high commitment and hard worked allowed her to developed a complete Strategic Business Plan and Best Practiceses Manual for New Markets."
Sandra Elizondo, CIO, Jafra Cosmetics International.

"As member of Jafra Management Board I have had the opportunity to know deeply some of the projects that Alma Delia has developed for Jafra. She has a really deep knowledge about MLM program (compensation, promotion and incentive). Alma Delia is a very hardworking person and she studies with detail all her projects. She has knowledge about direct sales markets in India, Indonesia, United States, Russia and, above all, Mexico. This give her a international background."
Enrique Marco Arenas, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Jafra Cosmetics International, Westlake Village, CA

I had been Alma's coworker for over 3 years. I found consistently enjoyable to work with her, she tackled all project with high responsibility, dedication and vision.
Besides being a joy to work with her, Alma is a person who is able to manage international projects, involving different areas. She knows all aspects of the direct sales and Multilevel Company, she proposed and documented creative ideas and communicate them to all company areas. She has successfully developed several Markets plans for Jafra Cosmetics International that has resulted in increased Jafra Presence Expansion.
I highly recommend Alma. She is a te