Harry George

Marine Environmental Scientist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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I am a British postgraduate with an Oceanography MSc, Biology & Computer Science BSc and several years' experience in a scientific and investigative capacity.

Today, business is increasingly borderless, so I've chosen an education and professional career which enables me to live, work and explore multiple countries. To date these include Canada, Cuba, Germany, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

I specialise in marine habitat surveying, analysis and reporting from a diverse array of shallow and deep-sea habitats in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Persian Gulf (الخليج العربي).

Proven competence in a wide range of field ecological and oceanographic investigative procedures such as sediment/water sampling, seabed photography, ROV footage, taxonomic identification and report writing compliment my ability to handle proposal and technical document writing, project co-ordination, stakeholder liaison, public presentation and community outreach skills.

To continue my professional growth I am developing and enhancing my skills as a Project Manager whilst maintaining a hands-on multidisciplinary approach to field-based marine research.

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  • Education
    • MSc Oceanography
    • BSc Biology & Computer Science