Ammar Hasayen

Architect and Consultant in Jordan

Ammar Hasayen

Architect and Consultant in Jordan

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Ammar Hasayen is a trusted technology adviser and entrepreneur who has been in the software industry for over 14 years, with a special focus on the cloud, infrastructure and security solutions.

Ammar is focused on cloud solutions and platforms. Ammar realized early back then that cloud is the future, and it starts by extending corporate identity to the cloud. Hence, Ammar established the first Azure tenant for Aramex, and established the first Azure Active Directory for Aramex, and facilitate true single sign on experience for end users.

Having such cloud identity integration was enabler for many things to come. Ammar started the initiative of evaluating Office 365 as a cloud collaboration solution for Aramex, that can unlock a lot of employee’s potentials. On 2015, a complete email integration and hybrid environment was in place between Aramex data centers and Office 365.

With Office 365, Ammar started to implement other frameworks to protect corporate data in Office 365, so he started to implement complete mobile management solution from Microsoft called Inutne, and migrating on premise right management solution to Azure Information Protection.

With his deep knowledge on cloud security solutions and on-premise security measures, Ammar is acting as a cyber security consultant as one of his many roles, helping secure and protect corporate resources and information on premise and on cloud, through identity driven security approach and cloud multi-factor authentication solutions.

Ammar helped in the corporate digital transformation, and he worked on many business enabler cloud solutions, like password management via Azure Active Directory, dashboards via PowerBI, threat intelligent via Microsoft Operations Manager, and more.

Ammar have been sharing his experience through his professional blog since 2007, and his many contributions to Microsoft TechNet Gallery.

Ammar passion is in helping others reach their goals, so he founded a tech community in Jordan in 2016 that is run by group of volunteer committee members who share his passion. The goal of the community is to provide training and conduct events for the IT community in Jordan.

Ammar appears regularly in big tech events like Microsoft Ignite in the united states, where he learns about latest technology trends, and participate in many community groups led by Microsoft product groups and MVPs.