Anastacia Hauldridge

I am a stay at home mother and have been a network marketer since the age of 18. I coach and mentor people to earn extra income part-time or full-time. I am a internet marketing and business development mentor for business owners.

I enjoy working with like minded great people and meeting new people who are outgoing, self motivated, have their own goals, and a plan for the future, and who like to effect change.

I love making videos and helping others in the industry of social networking and internet marketing..basically anything related to business no matter what size! I am a firm believer in staying focused and positive in your business and I am a walking talking encyclopedia! LOL.

Basically I am a jack of all trades and master of some you will see once you meet me that I am really this energetic ! The Ace Of Social Networking is a video marketing diva , facebook marketing queen, and master of prospecting who has a strong presence and high energy that is inspirational.

Anastacia Hauldridge is a young entrepreneur with a mission to change peoples lives with her videos, one on one interviews, and coaching. Anastacia Hauldridge also promotes other sole proprietors and business networkers for success on The Ahauldri Show for Free! Anastacia earned the name "Ace of Spades" when she was invited to a group call last year and had about several top income earners from MLM's who's names don't matter now started downgrading other networkers efforts in their organization.

This call had over 100 people on Skype and it was a chat session over Offline VS Online Marketing Advice and Anastacia dropped the millionaire with her professional belief and insight on the industry of network marketing in general by not fearing these so called millionaires who think others in their organization don't matter that they are just a number. This infuriated her and Anastacia was granted the name "Ace" by one of the listening participants who connected with her.

This latin network marketing guru knows her stuff and is no stranger to the marketing strategies of MLM. Struggling with no support from your upline and tired of the BS! Look no further