Ahavel Aborishade

Ahavel Aborishade is a business leader and INVENTOR in Los Angeles, California

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Ahavel Aborishade is an inventor, visionary & business leader. Ahavel’s most notable invention is peer-to-peer and business laundry Laundryshare system and app [pending] NEATTUCK like Rideshare Uber.



NEATTUCK is the world's first peer-to-peer, laundryshare [business laundry service via ‘DRY CLEAN RELAY’] system and app. NeatTuc/Laundryshare was officially created and founded by Ahavel A. Aborishade in November 2014 but commenced in Jan 2017. The first trademark filed for NeatTuck was on February 28, 2017, via the McArthur Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA.


NeatTuck was created to bolster economy sharing, collaborative consumption era, & community building, simply with mobile phones & in-home washers & dryers.

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Ahavel Aborishade’s interests range from technology to creative design and business development.

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