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Avi Harrosh

real estate, startup, and Vacation rentals in Los Angeles, California

Avi Harrosh

real estate, startup, and Vacation rentals in Los Angeles, California

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Real share

Hospitality tech startup


VP at Luxury Venice Beach Townhomes

Recruitment & Devolopment at Perutz Etz Jacob Hebrew Academy

Studied Organazational Leadership at Bellevue University

Studied ‎Practical law הלכה למעשה‎ at Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Went to Michael Diller High School

From Los Angeles, California

About Me:

Ever heard of the term “either do it right or don't do it all” That saying summarizes my philosophy on living life. Life should be about living to the max with a focus on growth not survival....

Every day should be a journey to a better world and a better you. Life and time are the most scarce resource on the planet and should be used chasing a vision or dream that causes one to jump out of bed in the morning.

The paradox of it all is that sometimes not succeeding, or not knowing is part of the growth and overall road map. We do our best to make things work out but accept that ultimately we don't know all the variables and have limited control.

Armed with this awareness the saying “Either do it or not at all” doesn't mean to view the world through a black and white lens of all or nothing. Rather, Relish every day whether it is the ups or downs, success or failures! It is internalizing that Wherever a person is in life he can always live the moment. The past was part of the plan and the future is in his hands.

The past of my ancestors has ingrained this in my DNA and transmitted this universal message of hope. You could be subject to slavery, or a holocaust But you don't let that determine your future. From those who were discriminated against and given the least chance of success rose top law firms, scientists.doctors executives and the most advanced & educated state in the world. “From the children of the poor will the scholars arise” (Talmud). If you work hard you will succeed !

Most importantly If you are at the top of the Ferris wheel stay humble as the wheel can change anytime. If you're at the bottom keep trying eventually the wheel will move up.

I always enjoy meeting new people I believe each person has a unique perspective that I can learn from.

Feel free to reach out and connect.

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