Anthony Henderson

Baltimore, Md, Usa

I am a currently residing in Baltimore, MD, where I was born and raised. I am currently working as a Real Estate Investor and a Commercial Financing Specialist for Private Money Exchange, a large private money financing firm with affordable private money funding for real estate investment deals. I am a past college graduate of Morgan State University, where I earned a B.S. Degree in Business Administration, in May, 1983. I have over 20 years of administrative and customer work experience in state and federal government service, and in private industry. As a real estate investor, I am a member of several large discussion groups of real estate investors on, active in purchasing and sales of off-market residential and commercial properties; discounted, performing & non-performing mortgage notes; and distressed assets, nationwide. Also, I am working as a Capital Investment Funding Source Locator/Broker, with members of the Global Capital Financing & Investment Group, on My personal hobbies and interests include: attending cultural arts and religious service events and activities; reading history and poetry books; traveling; listening to contemporary jazz and R&B music; attending movie shows, plays, and music concerts; socializing with friends and relatives; and working on real estate investment deals with my associates in real estate investment.

  • Work
    • Commercial Investment Financing; R.E. Investing
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Business Administration