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Acredeius Hensu

Artist, Writer, and Recruiter in Atlanta, Georgia

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I would like to share a short story.At the young age of 18 I made a mistake that cost me my freedom before my life even started.Being a child whose father died when he was twenty six,I never had the proper guidance needed t o send me in the right direction.Spending my twenties in prison I concentrated on my craft.My mother was a painter,she never pursued it professionally.Her older brother was a master painter plagued with a crack habit that hindered his success.Her other brother is a pencil artist that has been in prison since "93" for murder in a self defense situation,and my baby sister is dabbling in her painting career.Now,at the age of 31 I have nothing to lose.After surviving prison I understand that my craft is my power.My journey begins.I see that so many tragedies occur around the world.I decided to create a collection of art dedicated to the disaster victims around the world.When a tragedy happens I will sells prints dedicated to that country,state or city.A percentage of sells will go to the victims.My current problem is the lack of funding to start my mission.Therefore I decided that I would draw 200 portraits for a price between 300 to 600 dollars,depending on portrait size.I've given myself a 90day deadline to raise 15,000 to30,000 dollars.This will pay for a small studio,art supplies and other materials needed to start my non profit org.WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN SAVE LIVES THROUGH ART.I WILL SEND OUT 180 EMAILS A WEEK TO POSSIBLE SUPPORTERS.LEND A HAND IF YOU CAN.NOT ONLY WILL YOU RECEIVE A WONDERFUL PORTRAIT ,BUT YOU WILL HELP SOMEONE IN NEED.FINAL NOTE:THIS MOVEMENT IS FOR THE MOTHERS WHO LOSE THERE SONS TO VIOLENCE AND THE PRISON SYSTEM.SO MUCH TALENT IS BEHIND THOSE WALLS WAITING TO BE UNEARTHED.MY ART WILL PAVE A WAY FOR A BETTER DAY. "POVERTY ARTS" AIDING SOCEITIES NEEDS THROUGH ART. FOR PORTRAIT PRICES AND SIZES EMAIL ME.

  • Work
    • Full time artist and urban fantasy writer.
  • Education
    • middle georgia college
    • self taught artist