Anneliese Herbosa

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Yo & hello!

I am a tech enthusiast deeply fascinated by the intersection of quality, user experience, and continuous improvement; how together, they create the best digital products and experiences out there.

I work at a creative agency that specializes in making dynamic digital products for entertainment brands catering to youth audiences. My current role is in quality assurance where I am constantly identifying opportunities for quality to be reflected within each of our products, and across our organization.

I have a background in communication, content creation and digital publishing, social media marketing and community management.

I am extremely passionate about personal growth and self-improvement. (Hint: Check out my newsletter)

I enjoy listening to/playing music, mobile photography, and writing. I am the human Shazam of pop culture. I have a strong sense of humour with a laugh that’s bigger than myself. I value kindness, empathy, and positivity.

@HERbosa on Twitter. Elsewhere: