Alexis Herr

Alexis Herr

My birthplace is Ada, Oklahoma, but i've lived in Stroud my whole life.

My parent is Dawn Welch, my father is not present.

I have a brother named Paul, he's kind of the best. Shirley, who is like a sister, also lives with me.

I currently have no pets, but i want a puppy.

My hobbies are working out, shopping, dancing. and just having a good time.

My favorite past time is traveling.

I like the beach, honest people, and dill pickle chips. I also like to travel and see the world.

I dislike rude people, the country, and when someone says I can't do something.

The most exciting event thus far in my life was my trip to England, it was a eye opening expierience. I learned so much about there culture and I really loved it! I met some awesome people and it made me strive to travel more.

My pet peeves are people that show no respect, people that have no manners, and also people that tell lies constantly.

A short-term goal for this year is to do the best that i can and make awesome grades. I would also like to figure out what i want to do career wise.

A long-term goal i have to to move to California with Shirley. I would like to move there after highschool and get settled in for a year and then attend college there. I know it sounds impossible, but nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for it.