Ahide Rostro Cisneros

I am the second oldest in a family of four girls, or four flowers as my grandma likes to say. As a middle child, I am the in between, not the most luminous flower nor the dullest, but the one in the bouquet that creates balance.
My parents did not praise me when I earned high marks in school like they did with my baby sisters. They did not punish me when I would stay up past crew few like they would when my older sister stayed up late. It was odd, but I did not question it. Growing up, I realized being a middle child seems to come with certain expectations. You learn from the mistakes of order siblings and teach the younger siblings right from wrong.
The most important role as a middle child is to create harmony. Often times I was the mediator. I was the one who my sisters would go to talk to and the one that would be put in the middle to settle disputes. While these can be seen as negative or positive aspects of being the middle child, it has allowed me to gain a new perspective.
It is not uncommon for people to over look the middle child as they are often regarded as nothing special, but I think only as a middle child would one really understand that being a "middle child" is more than just a title.