Angela Highberg

Port Orchard WA

I am a South East Texas girl! I grew up in a very tiny town, but loved it and learned a lot there. My husband is in the Navy. So, we have moved from the East Coast to the West Coast twice. Gave me a chance to visit New Orleans again and again, and see the Grand Canyon twice! That is a must if you have never experienced either! I model from time to time and am currently enrolled in school again.

We now live in Port Orchard WA. My two sons live with me and so does my Mom. I am truly blessed to have them here with me. My youngest is in band<plays the bass drum> and now swim. We have to add Lacrosse to that because he so enjoys that as well. My oldest the total opposite. He is an apprentice piercer.

I will end with this...Time moves so fast nowadays, so do not forget the ones you love and the ones who make everything worthwhile!

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