Andrew Hilson

Consultant in Milton, Ontario, Canada

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I work with organizations to make recruitment and selection better; our goal at HUCAMA is performance optimization.

Having the requisite skills is only 50% of the job. Proverbially "Fitting In" (culturally speaking) is of critical importance. I'm a firm believer that technical skills can be taught; I can teach you a specific computer program, manufacturing process or language. Personality and Intelligence both affect someone's suitability for a job. I can teach you how to analyze and determine suitability..

In my spare time I play soccer and generally do my best to stay fit; I'm highly competitive so this helps me with my job of finding the best for a given position. I'll also do woodworking (nearly exclusively with hand tools). I feel that "unplugging" and working with my hands is the best way to mentally detox and it gives me the opportunity to create something unique.

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