Amanda Himes

Wife, Mom, RN, Health Coach in Portland, Oregon

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Wife, mama of 3, daughter of the king. I love to redesign to create beauty in my home, heart, and world. If you follow long enough- you will catch a glimpse of a God's reDESIGN in my life at work. My goal is to inspire other's to design their lives around what matters most to them. To me, this would look like a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy family. I will show you how this looks in my life and hopefully inspire you in yours. I love helping others create health in their lives- I can show you how to do that. I love God's gift of essential oils and the redesign it is having in our home- I can show you how to do that. I love the Heavenly Father with all of my heart and look forward to sharing glimpses of heaven here with you. Enjoy- as we reDESIGN life.