Satra Ahiri

Philippines, Zamboanga City

Satra here! :)

I'm 20 years old and born on the 8th day of January, year 1993. I am the 3 child among the 3 children of my parents. We live in Colonia Purok 3 Lamitan City Basilan.
4 year college student of BS Computer Science in Universidad de Zamboanga.

Dealing with my likes and dislikes. To persons I am usually with or even those I actually don't know who they are, I enjoy company with traits like mine. What matter is I could reflect myself to them. I love friends who also love me. On the other hand, I despise persons who are insensitive (though sometimes, I am one). I hate those who can't appreciate things; I get really emotional whenever this happens.

  • Work
    • Assistant Teacher
  • Education
    • BS Computer Science