Ahlam Al Amleh

I am a Palestinian woman who has different interests that fall in humanities. I teach French language at Al Quds Open University in Hebron. I worked as a radio show broadcaster in the media center of Hebron university where I spent four years of study (English language and literature and French language). Among my work experiences is being in charge of coordinating and holding summer camps in youth centers in the city. That is besides being a translator for international movie makers and NGO's from Arabic to French or English and vise verse. Translation is the thing I really enjoy and find myself into.
I love traveling ( been to France, The Netherlands, Turkey and the US of America) for academic and personal reasons ( exchanges and family visiting), for this enlarges my horizons and widens the windows I opened to the world in addition to the enrichment resulted by the exposure to other cultures. I also enjoy watching good movies and listening to good Arabic and international music.
I aim at continuing to grow and develop my skills as a translator and a language teacher. And help raising the awareness towards my country's question worldwide.