Aguinaldo High Manila Alumni (AHMA) Worldwide Inc

AGUINALDO High Manila Alumni (AHMA) Worldwide Inc is The Philippines’ first public school alumni society with proactive membership all over the world.

AHMA was conceived in the early-21st century and incorporated in 2012 by some 100 alumni leaders of Emilio Aguinaldo High School (EAHS) in Quiapo, Manila, and interested parties of General Emilio Aguinaldo Integrated School (GEAIS) in Santa Ana, Manila – both Division of City Schools (DCS)Manila public secondary schools – led by journalist Emmanuel Mario Santos (aka Marc Guerrero), an EAHS Class of 1978 graduate.

Some 5,000 to 10,000 students had been graduated by both Aguinaldo schools since schoolyear 1964-1965. The schools were named in honor of President Emilio Famy Aguinaldo of the First Philippine Republic in 1896, Asia's first and oldest republic. Aguinaldo passed away on the 6th of February, 1964 at a full age of 94.

AHMA leads the five-year celebration of Aguinaldo High Manila's 50th anniversary beginning on the 21st of December, 2012. The founders had dubbed the celebration as all-Aguinaldo First Founders' "Gold in Age" Reunions.

The AHMA founder who was an Aguinaldo campus editor had helped organize EAHS's first-ever reunion in 1981 at a hotel in Manila "after so many attempts by his predecessors since the 1960s." He tried to re-do it in the 1990s but social media was not yet "in" then. GEAIS invited him to address its commencement exercises in 2002, and the idea of unifying both Aguinaldo schools' alumni associations germinated. Beginning in 2005, a few alumni leaders were buzzing off each other via Namesdatabase from time to time. Before and after 2009, groups were forming over Facebook. In 2010, he and a few EAHSers were recognized as honorary members of GEAIS during its first reunion at Philippine Columbian Club. It was during these conversations from Manila by Aguinaldo alumni in many countries, like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, when the idea of forming AHMA Worldwide was a-brewing.

Jessi Fontanilla, Luisa Mendoza, Wilma Yamanishi, Suzy Oehler, Gerry Saudi, Flynn Arana, Rene Lagasca, Eliza Vincecruz, Lourelie Javier Bobias, Noel Coronado Cebreiros, Rowena Garcia, Renato Pascua, Maria Lourdes Santos and 100 others are one with Marc Guerrero in cofounding AHMA for all Aguinaldo communities worldwide. REGISTER NOW TO BE COUNTED AND RECOGNIZED! 9 April 2012 Manila PH.