Ahmed d' pw Gaskin

\m/ "Hi everyone. allow me to introduce mysel, I am ahmed zamzami (ˆڡˆ) You can call me ahmed, zamzami. But my friends often call my name GASKIN. haha whatever. ┐(¬‿¬)┌ My religion Islam of course.

I was born in Lhokseumawe - North Aceh, January 07st 1996. It means that I'm twenty years old right now. Here, I live at jl. lhoksemawe. My house actually is not far from this factory cunda. (´▽`)

My hobby is have fun with my friend and listening to the music♪♪ when I get bored at home or anywhere.

In my house, I live with my parents named Mrs. bukhari love them very much and I’m actually four brothers. I have two elder sisters, one elder brothers and one younger brothers.

I really love ♥ my family and my friends, without them my life would feel lonely. (•̀_•́)ง That’s the end of my introduction and nice to meet you my friends/sisters/brothers. (‾▽‾)♉