Ahmad Kiwan

Ahmad Kiwan

Name: Ahmad "Mohammad Khair" Kiwan

Mobile: +962 788038724

Email: kiwan.ahmad@rocketmail.com

address :Amman - jordan

Date of birth: 26th Nov 1989Place of birth: Irbid

Gender: Male

Marital status : Single

Technical Proficiency:

Programming Languages: BASIC, (SQL, ASP.NET, C#. ADO.NET using visual Studio 2008), Assembly (MIPS & MASM) and C++.Operating systems: Windows and LINUX.Applications and database systems: MYSQL. Knowledge of Oracle, SQL server and eclipse.

Professional Experience:

Handled software projects by using languages like C#. ASP.NET , ADO.NET and MY SQL using visual Studio 2008 Attended training sessions on software programmingAssisted in software engineering projects as an active team memberImparted basic computer knowledge like Microsoft Word, Excel and the internet to students