Ahmad Nezamipour

Teacher and Book Seller in Qorveh, Iran

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Hi there,

It's me Ahmad. A 26 year-old boy with a large amount of curiosity, adventure. An extremely sociable one :) Easy to be with and has a great sense of humor. Sometimes too logical as reminds people Sheldon Cooper! A very peculiar combination of logic and sentiment. An active and out going person but sometimes likes to stay out of radars.

I’ve got bachelor degree in English Translation from Payam-Noor University of Sanandaj, Iran. I'm working as an English teacher in several institution and keep myself busy by translating from time to time. I LOVE my field of study and I'm looking forward to be a well-grounded interpreter. It's because I'm interested in interpreting more than teaching or translating. I really like learning new languages, meeting new people, visiting new places, finding new friends, etc. I like to learn Spanish, French, Italian and German and I’m gonna start Spanish in the future.

I also like to travel a lot and host tourists and friends from all over the world.I'm a big fan of couchsurfing and hitchhiking.

I have experienced much through my life. I’ve felt cruelty, I’ve felt kindness. This tragicomedy life made me realize who I am and what I want. Right now I am a happy person that love laughing and often live in the moment. I believe past has past and the future is upcoming. Let’s try to love and live as who we are not who we want to be. Life is shorter than you imagine so live and love. Life is simple things gathered around us. These simple tiny things are here to make us happier. Eat, drink, love, listen, talk, watch, walk, dance, etc. This is the life.

  • Work
    • Mehregan Bookstore
  • Education
    • bachelor degree in English Translation from Payam-Noor University of Sanandaj, Iran