Ahmad Habashneh

I'm simple, i respect and love life and love sharing it, , have my own plans for my future, some parts of my life i like to keep strictly uniform and the rest to be spontaneous..to keep some sort of balance, i love to meet new people every day whatever their home and social culture, skin color, thinking and where they come from, I live by own rules and any one is welcome to live by them, i like many things and always try to find new things to do or try it at least once, i love reading (anything: from sci-fiction, comics, novels, fitness, educational in all fields and anything else interesting), i love running and i pray always to God to let me able to run for the rest of my life, i love traveling (I've been to USA, Canada, Sri-Lanka, India and looking forward to expand my list of places to travel to), i like to try new foods, i consider food as a fuel for my sports and as pleasure, again balance, i love hiking, don't care when or where, I'll go anywhere i can to hike, i love to live in crowded places mostly like cities cause i love to be surrounded by people..makes me feel not lonely, appreciate those who respect my life, i always go by 3 principles: 1. I always try to treat people as i want them to treat me. 2. life is too short to be wasted it in hating people. 3. We should try new things (if we want or can) at least once, cause we never know if we may be talented in doing them. if someone pisses me off, i move on, cause life is like a river, and i don't want to waste energy trying to move against it, i believe everything happens for a reason, and the world is big enough for me to not stay in one place, i wish i can find the girl which i can share my dreams with and share her's, as for work, i have a bachelor in Electronic Eng. and wish to pursue a Masters degree in Marketing, i love Volunteering work and can never get enough from it, it bring peace to my heart knowing that i placed a smile on someone's face, and it's a way to meet great people who share what i love as well, I'm still human and i do mistakes sometime but i try to accept them and try to learn from them, i always love to help others if they asked me, i find it hard to say no, i guess I'm a Yes man, but not always of course. i dream of owning my own Restaurant and i thank God every day for my health and sanity and i wish i can keep them both as much as possible, i will always work hard and pray to be the world Successful and Fittest man ever in mind and body....Peace.