Ahmad Tarar


Ahmad Nawaz Tarar is a leading young lawyer, Speaker of National Youth Parliament Pakistan, and human rights activist, who works to prevent the persecution of religious minorities, women and exploitation of children. As serving speaker of the National Youth Parliament, Tarar identifies its core priorities as the re-gaining of space for moderate voices in the context of an extremist advance. In civil society, Tarar has been an active proponent for the provision of better access to health and educational resources, particularly for women and children from the lower income sections of Pakistani society. Being a legal expert he is also the legal adviser to the National Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Early Life:

Tarar was born on February 23rd into a prosperous and politically active family with a history of activism and human rights work in Punjab, Pakistan. Tarar now holds a bachelor degree in law and a bachelor of Arts( Journalism). At school and college he was an active member of the debating society and represented his Alma mater at various debating competitions.During his stint at the University, he was active in politics and human rights work. Tarar wishes to pursue his education in the discipline of Constitutional law. His father, is a senior lawyer of Pakistan who entered Bar Politics in 1965 and served on many posts in the Bar Associations. His father raised his voice for justice, which include denouncing the Pakistani government for genocide during their military action in what is now Bangladesh. Tarar himself became involved at a young age in protests against the military regime and energetically participated in the lawyers movement, along with his father. Moreover, he has attended many National and International conferences and represented youth on various forums. Furthermore, he has addressed the quandary of the bro-beaten on several occasions while meeting with the higher officials of Pakistan. Tarar has visited more than 20 countries where he interacted with the youth and politicians to promote the bilateral relations between the countries. Message from the Youth Speaker: ”Do not unthinkingly be governed by the capitalist system of the world and raise your voice to change the fate of this land of pure”