Ahmad Damra

Student in Bloomington, Indiana

I am a results oriented person and consistently have proven to be a diligient worker in enhancing workplace flow. Dedicated to developing a vision, achieving consensus, and delivering results. Successful at managing multiple projects and initiatives, working under pressure, and interacting with management. This was all accomplished through my freshman year of high school and has continued into my college career. I spent most of my time working after school in addition to achieving High Honors and still being able to do a sufficient amount of philanthropy work. Working a series of jobs has helped me to develop certain traits that contribute to my resourcefulness. Philantropy work such as doing a polar plunge for special olympics, working as a line attendant for a carwash and running a kiosk at a mall all built these characteristics.

I am the child of two Palestinian parents raised in refugee camps in Jordan post the 1948 exodus of Palestine. My parents eventually immigrated to the Americas, first to Venezuela and then finally to Chicago. I grew up in the United States with my parents who were without proper education and were residing illegally in order to escape poverty. I grew up listening to their recollections of their lives as refugees, but I did not entirely appreciate the extent of what they had experienced until later. As a young adult, I have come to respect my parents’ struggles and find myself wishing I could further understand their experiences. I am very fortunate compared to many people in the world; I have the opportunity to obtain an education, support my family and give back to my local communities. Attending college and obtaining a Sport Marketing & Management degree has always been something I was determined to do and will fulfil my desire to learn more about the global world we live in.