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Ahmad El Tayb

Abu Dhabiuae

Recruitment Executive at Sharaf DG Helping you enhance and develop your recruitment strategy to be faster and Productive

El Tayb Is an HR Generalist | Online HR Recruiter | Performance Management editor ( Successors Plan strategy ) | Resume Editor | Public Speaking.

El Tayb Help you Enhances and Develops your Organization structure, HR system, Recruitment Strategy,Training Performance & Recovery Organization weakness point.

El Tayb had been involved in HR Strategies and succeeded to Re-build an HR System at Gad Tech Egypt based on HR International Strategic that he learned from International companies & Organizations like Mercedes-Benz (MCV Egypt),The Islamic Relief & Baldna Foundation,as a Volunteer to share.

Helped in Recruit,Filter,and select a lot of Civic Society Leaders Throughout he's Academic Study : Psychology and Human Behavior to Trained them to increase their Performance.

Help you to Improve your employee and motivate them to reach to their Maximum performance level | Discover the Super Stars Employers and upgrade them to replace their manager to be as a backup & support their Managers.>> that's called a ( Successors Planing) | change your Organization soul to be the Perfect organization to the employee, and make them share the Organization vision to be their own vision.

El Tayb can Help you to setup and activate your company work flow system by show you the idealist system that can save your company time and dis crease the running coast.

Specialist & Skills :

- Human Resources .

- Psychiatrist & Human behavior editor.

- Training Management.

- Recruiting.

- Decision Maker

- Team Leadership.

- Team Work Player

- Talent Management

- Job Analyst

- Performance appraisal

- Performance Management

- Succession Planning

- Team builder

- Coaching

  • Education
    • Psychology