Ahmad Gilang I.R. (AG)

Digital Learning and Technology in Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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AG has 8 years experience in the field of e-learning implementation and provided consultation for various industries - mainly in HR and IT related business. Such experience makes him often faced with conditions where a client has to implement something new that they had never done before, which also very different from their daily practice.

Designing solution, implementing new system, method, and technology in numerous environment as project leader forced him to always find the best way for people to change and able to use them for their own benefit. Time constraint and urgency of these projects make the presence of an extraordinary team compulsory, and that’s where the challenges lies – when he always had to work with different team members for different projects with such demanding goals. The key to success is, he can encourage his team members to bring out the best work they can possibly execute.

His interest in professional learning developed along his project involvements which often forced him to have a deep understanding about workplace learning and know how to successfully implement them for the best result. Such ‘understanding’ and ‘know how’ make professional learning, his main competency in doing his work.

His ability successfully bring him to involve in a strategic project for the transformation of two major learning organization in Indonesia into a corporate university (CU). He’s taking a critical role as the project manager and associate consultant for both projects.

Recently, he create something really different. He change e-Learning into Digital Learning. It is the new solution for how workplace people learn in digital era, and how they bring impacts to the environment. This new concept is now been implemented in one of the biggest bank in Indonesia for 2 years.

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