Ahmad Niazi

Islamabad, Pakistan

Me Ahmad Niazi enjoying my student Life.

Red Sky In The Morning


Sensitive | Never satisfied | I hate those who are my friends | I love those who are my enemies | You know why? | My friends made me weak | My enemies taught me how to fight | Seldom show emotions | I never share my secrets but give hints haha XD | Don't like people who used me | For their own good | I want to make headless each and every person who played with me and my emotions | I can forgive my enemies but I don't forgive my friends | I don't forget those who were and are sincere with me | nor do I forget those who hurt me | see, I never learned two things | to forget | to forgive | the word sorry is meaningless for me | I do promises and commitments with everyone | but I keep only if those who keep my promises and commitments | I am hard to cheat | I know who is cheating me and who is sincere | it is other thing that I don't tell the cheater that you are cheating me | the reason is not that I don't want to rupture hear | The reason is that I want to see how far he/she can go | I often pretend that I know nothing | but me clear you one thing | I know everything | My rules are dear to me than my life | I am often at war | If I am a bit rude than its not my fault, it will be your own deeds | you are playing double game with me | Don't get too smart..... In all possibilities I might be playing a 3 fold game with you (and I do specially with my enemies) | So eat hard and sleep well | and don't mess with me

your life will be rocking

-> kiun tu acha lagta ha

waqat mila to sochain ga

tujha ma kia dakha ha

waqat mila to sochain ga

saraa saha shanasai ka dawadar to ha lakin

kon hamara apna ha waqat mila to sochain ga

or hum na ius ko likha tha

kuch milna ki tadbir karo

ius na likh kar bhaja ha

waqat mila to sochain ga

or mosum kushbo badasaba chand safak or taron ma

kon tumhara jasa ha

waqat mila to sochian ga

ya to apna dil ki mano ya phir duniyan walon ki

mashwara iuska acha ha

waqat mila to sochain ga -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy1w_BWiJ2g

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