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Did you simply put a perfectly fine looking 8cm disc in-to your DVD camcorder, and then discover that your camera does not see any video onto it? Did your DVD camcorder strangely generate a 'disk is unrecordable' mistake information one-day?

CDRoller by Electronic Atlantic Corp. ( http://www.cdroller.com ) will see the unreadable little dvd, and access inaccessible video data.

You accidentally dropped your camera and had lost an important video of the child's birthday. The mini dvd appeared to be a blank in any computer or dvd player which you tried it in.

CDRoller doesn't use common techniques to access the troubled dvd media. Rather, it accesses disks right, looking for the lost video data. CDRoller may nevertheless be able to find the missing footages and transform them in-to normal MPEG files that are ready to play back with Windows Media Player, even though your DVD appears like a bare one.

Sometimes, you cannot c-omplete a cd finalization due to a low charge of battery in your camcorder. You make an effort to replay unfinalized disk in DVD player, but mini DVD wouldn't be identified aside from, play. If you attempt to study such disc in your pc, you most likely will not get anything. Your PC might even freeze for a minute wanting to access the disc data. You face the prospect of losing a DVD of invaluable family video, like the last Xmas, a wedding or a day at another country. Shahraab Ahmad Info contains additional info about why to study it.

Luckily, CDRoller retrieves a video files o-n the DVDs which were not precisely finalized by Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Canon and other DVD cameras. Visit shahraab ahmad read about to learn when to acknowledge it. The program supports a wide group of 8cm discs, including DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM media types.

But what if you still wish to make a new disc with recovered films?

CDRoller not just recovers and finds the lost movie to the small DVDs, but it also makes a fresh disks which can be played in the absolute most DVD players. This program comes with integrated DVD-video burner, letting you watch the shows on standalone DVD players.

CDRoller is available as a totally free assessment download. Get your duplicate now at http://www.cdroller.com/htm/download.html, or read what the