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Web Developer, Designer, and Artist in London, United Kingdom

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hi all of my friend's just like to y are all of u not like to chat 2 me for have i don something wrong to all of u so plz i like here back soon and if u have msn or yahoo add me just say if u wont my friend no that I am her for them if they need some to chat to. And I am a sweet loved caring man that would love to be happy and living in pace and that is y I am moving on with my life but I will still all ways see my Friends and also have the time to see my Girl Friend if she was still in London And I well. so plz if u wont to move on with me then i am your man to hold and keep for life but take this the wrong way i well still fight for your love oh and i all most for got to say this i don't care what u where as long as it's hot on u (Princess's) so be safe lot's of love. kiss's kiss's kiss's..... To no the right man to be with u have what things dos if like to in life some the try thing is look him in the eyes I am also one of them when I look in your eyes I see that I make u happy kiss's. Would some one cock for I'll cock for what u like it well be Healthy food that is it For now kiss's kiss's do not be mad at me my sweet babe all it is i am trying to be that man for u now trying to keep u happy now kiss's if u sweet's like chat to me her are my emails demonikblood@aol.co.uk demonikblade@googlemail.com princerizwan1984@hotmail.com rizwan.ahmad2813@yahoo.com and this is my maine account and i am your (BoyFriend) and your my (Babe Girl) kiss kiss kiss TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF BYE MY LOVE DONT MISS ME NOW

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