Ahmad Rud


A pleasure to meet you all. I would like to start with the generic stuff of being a normal person and stuff but sadly, i'm not (not by choice but by fact), and so i won't. The thing is, my story had always been a sad one and if i did tell you, it doesn't change anything. It only makes it even more sad. Sulking gets no one anywhere. Move along.

I'd like to share but i won't. To the unknown future that awaits me is where i'll plunge into!

Well, i have several hobbies; Tennis is one of them. Its my birthright sport. Something i was always destined to do since i was born into a tennis family. Forced into the family's tennis tradition. Everyone of siblings did, and so did i. I occasionally do coaching just to earn some extra cash. Never had the intention of being a full-time coach.

  • Work
    • Freelance Tennis Coach