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Ahmad Varoqua

I run a small digital practice in San Francisco. Clients include U2, Shakira, Stone Temple Pilots, Jonas Brothers, Tom Petty and Bob Seger. We also work with rock stars in enterprise, startups, nonprofits and academia.

Born in NJ, raised in Saudi Arabia, taught Chem/Bio/Physics/Computer Studies in the Peace Corps (Western Samoa) and now call San Francisco home. I code in several programming languages and speak five human ones. My formal training is a B.S. in Pharmacy from Rutgers University.

Always happy to grab a drink and talk tech. If you're in the Bay Area, please feel free to reach out. This is me "cheersing" you on a successful launch ;)

Recently launched:

TimeStream: Time tracking for developers and agency folks

Rockerista: Style/Music/Technology blog for women

VGBuilder: App builder + cloud deployer