Ahmed Elsayed


Control Engineering Geek, C/LabVIEWer, PLCs,Embedded SBCs & PACs Programming, SCADA developer.
Interested in Robotics and Green Energy !
Brainstorming specialist, Nerd !!

Interested only in R&D and Engineering Careers in Industrial Automation and Control Engineering Field.

Speak and Write Arabic, English and Italiano,

PLC Programmer using: Ladder Logic (LD) , Function Block Diagram (FBD), Statment List (STL), Sequential function chart (SFC) and Grafcet.

SCADA Developer using: SIMATIC WinCC v7, Vijeo Citect, OPTO 22 PAC Display and LabVIEW.

Programming using: C, Python and LabVIEW.
Programming techniques: Multi-threading and Finite State Machine Programming.

Specialist in products from the following vendors:
Siemens, Schneider, NI, OPTO 22 .... till now :)

Performance Domains:
Domain I: Measurement and Control Element Devices

Select, specify, and design the installation of measurement and control elements devices.

Domain II: System Design

Do the complete conceptual design of the control and information systems including specifications of the hardware and software to be used in the system (front end engineering).

Also do the detail design and procurement of the hardware systems including preparation of construction work packages.

Domain III: Software development and coding

PLC & PAC Programming and configuration capabilities.

SCADA Development.

Testing and Simulation Techniques (SIL, HIL and MIL).

Currently, I'm Working as control systems Engineer with these responsabilities:

Specialist in PAC and PC-based Control Systems.

Design and Implement Smart/Real-time Control Systems based on OPTO 22 PAC technology.

Design, analysis and optimization of feedback control systems.

Verify and validate code at SIL and HIL levels.

Confer with engineers and other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information.

  • Work
    • Control Systems Engineer
  • Education
    • Bsc of Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics & Control Eng.