Ahmed Amer

Software Engineer in Amman, Jordan

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A Software Engineer, an ambitious person, fun, Joyfull obsessed with strategy video games and love technology.

strategy video games is my secret love, just try to challenge me !

One of my strong suits that I love a good challenge,and a quick learner

Looking for an opportunity to utilize my strengths and build my career.

I aspire to live a life dedicated to creativity and success.

After all the differences in the world, I wish everyone a decent life.

I think you can fight for your rights and with enough determination you will always get what you want under any circumstances.

Education is a priority. Opportunity comes once in a lifetime. Being on the challenge is my biggest incentive. Franchise for fast-paced life.

Volunteer work makes you a better person. We only have what we offer. Therefore, help others as much as you can.

  • Work
    • Solution Developer - AdaptCore
  • Education
    • University of Jordan