Ahmed Ali

In the past 10 years I have developed myself in information technology more than what I have ever imagine, through that long time I have completed my skills, expertise and my personality.

For the last 4 years I have worked in the digital advertising solutions at LinkdotNet, LinkOnline and ConnectAds sub of OTVentures.

I've worked in the online advertising industry helping many dotcoms to established their advertising such like (MSN Arabia, Masrawy,Yallakora....Etc.), I've vast experience dealing with ( MSN, Microsoft ad network, Facebook, MediaMind and DFP....Etc.) Ad Servers, And even more.

Throughout my career I have been fully involved in all aspects of the industry. I'm able to consult on all levels of digital media and Online advertising operational processes, including the most recent video integration and mobile advertising.

I have managed major ad serving projects either migrating or integrating. I have also managed a team for the past 3 years with full responsibility for new hires and training on most of the mainstreams of ad serving technologies.

I have experience in consulting on market trends and industry standards vs. where an agency is compared to its competition.

I have completed two ad server network optimizations projects that included changes to the entire ad network architecture, best practices implementations and new methods to streamline day-to-day ad operations to get the most out of any ad server.